Q&A with Karen Anderson Singer of Tiny Doors ATL

If you’ve visited Atlantic Station this holiday season, you may have noticed a tiny new addition to our district. Our second Tiny Door from artist-in-residence Tiny Doors ATL can be spotted on the green wall at Stairwell 5!

Tiny Doors ATL is an Atlanta-based art project designed to bring big wonder to tiny spaces. Each door stands 7 inches tall and is installed throughout the city by invitation of each neighborhood or institution. Most importantly, all the doors are free to visit.

Tiny Doors means a lot to many Atlanta residents, and we’re honored to host two here in the Heart of ATL. We chatted with Anderson Singer about her inspirations and the impact of her project on the community over the past two years.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the new Tiny Door at Atlantic Station? Can you share how those sources differed from the Tiny Door on Atlantic Green?

Tiny Door 21 on Atlantic Green is a reflection of Atlantic Station’s unique location, in the heart of Atlanta. The skyline view is one of the aspects of the neighborhood that I was excited to incorporate into the interactive installation.

Tiny Door 22 is the newest numbered door and is on a green ivy wall. I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the more serene aspects of the neighborhood. One of the things I love about Atlantic Station is that although it’s a bustling city neighborhood, there is still room to have a picnic, take a walk and enjoy yourself.

Why do you think Atlantic Station is a good fit for a Tiny Door (or two!)?

Tiny Doors ATL’s mission is to create work that is free to visit, public, wheelchair accessible and highlights a fun and unique space in ATL. Atlantic Station is a great fit for two tiny doors because it is an exciting and accessible neighborhood with tons to explore!

Your art aims to inspire wonder. How have you seen this mission play out over the past two years while many people have spent more time than ever in their own cities and neighborhoods?

Tiny Doors ATL is a public art love letter to Atlanta. To me, they represent an opportunity to pause your day as usual and experience a moment of wonder. When the pandemic hit, our day-as-usual stopped and became deliberate about every trip outside of the house. I was surprised and delighted that the doors became destinations to enjoy public art and find a new corner of the city safely.

At Atlantic Station, we’re all about style. Which Tiny Door do you think has the best “fashion sense”?

I would be curious to know which doors fashion designers would find the most inspiring! If I had to dress like a tiny door for a day, I think I’d dress as the full rainbow of Tiny Door 2.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring young artists, especially those in the Atlanta community?

The best advice I can give is to keep trying new things. You don’t have to have your career planned before you take your first step. Plan to fail sometimes and be excited about every success. Surround yourself with good people, ask for advice when you need it, and keep at it!

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Q&A with Karen Anderson Singer of Tiny Doors ATL