Quick-look guide to Elements of Style

Elements of Style, an interactive shopping and dining experience based on the astrological signs and corresponding elements, has been at Atlantic Station for a few weeks. If you haven’t checked out the window displays or online catalogue, this your sign to do so.

We know fall can be very busy—the start of school and transition of seasons means there is always a lot going on—so consider this your quick-look guide to Elements of Style.

We’ve put together several head-to-toe outfits based on items in our online catalogue for each element, men and kids. Below each graphic, you’ll find links to every item. These mini catalogues are perfect for fashionistas on the go!


Passionate, bold and oh-so-confident, fire signs love to express themselves through the art of fashion.


Water signs’ fashion choices reflect their personalities: emotional, individualistic and ever-changing.


Smart people make smart style choices. Air signs find ways to have fun with high fashion.


Who says practical fashion choices can’t be beautiful? Earth signs stun in pieces that transition from day to night and everything in between.


We didn’t forget about you, guys! Pick and choose from muted athleisure pieces to combine high fashion and high comfort.


Many of Atlantic Station’s shops carry great back-to-school pieces for little ones, too. Take care of wardrobe refreshes and purchase school essentials all in one trip!

Note: Join us on the Autumn Equinox (September 22) from 6 – 9pm on Atlantic Green for a free shopping event to celebrate Elements of Style and the things that make each of us unique! Learn more about the Find Your Element event here.

Plus, continue to shop our online Elements of Style catalogue through the end of the month. The catalogue is updated with new pieces weekly.

Quick-look guide to Elements of Style