Plan a Throwback Valentine’s Day Date at Atlantic Station

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. You’re a teenager about to take your significant other on an epic Valentine’s Day date. You borrowed a friend’s car for the night, and curfew’s not until 10pm. How would you spend your evening?

We took inspiration from our pasts to piece together a throwback Valentine’s Day itinerary in the heart of Atlanta. Best of all, since Valentine’s Day falls on a “school night” this year, you’ll be home well before the clock strikes midnight!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge!
Dinner for Two

Every good date starts with a delicious meal, right? Make reservations at Toscano Ristorante Italiano, an Italian eatery with a menu full of indulgent dishes such as chicken piccata and bucatini carbonara. Wash it all down with a vibrant glass of Italian red.

Since this date is a throwback to bygone eras, make a pact to put your phones away and don’t touch them for the entire night. Instead, play a round of 20 questions during dinner or take turns telling each other your cringiest high school stories.

Extra butter and salt, please!
Opening Credits

Post-romantic meal, you’re embarking on a classic high school-style date night: you’re off to see a move at Regal Cinemas. Tickets to a romcom would be a natural choice, but don’t brush off other options like a superhero film or even a horror flick. Don’t forget to snag a large popcorn before the film begins!

Macarons are meringue-based confections with a creamy flavored filling.
Sweet Treat

After the credits have rolled, shake off your sleepiness—this date isn’t over yet! It’s Valentine’s Day, after all, so dessert is a requirement.

High school you might have grabbed froyo or French fries from a nearby fast-food chain. This year, upgrade your sweets and enjoy macarons from Le Macaron French Pastries. The shop releases tons of fun, seasonal flavors, so make sure to pick something pink.

If ice cream is more your speed, head over to Kilwins for a late-night scoop of strawberry.

Name one thing more comforting than a Shirley Temple. We’ll wait.
Night Cap

Wrap up the evening with a cherry on top—literally. You’re heading to HOBNOB and ordering two spiked “Shirley Temples.” Sip your kiddie-cocktails while people-watching from HOBNOB’s rooftop terrace.

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Plan a Throwback Valentine’s Day Date at Atlantic Station