Four Summer Cocktails You Need to Try

Summertime was made for sipping fruity, effervescent cocktails by the pool or on a patio. Read on for four of our favorite warm-weather libations at Atlantic Station. Sunscreen not included.


Leave it to Allora to one-up your favorite cocktail with an Italian-inspired twist. The Cosmollini, a mash-up between an everyday Cosmo and a Peach Bellini, is a peach and cranberry-flavored concoction mixed with vodka, Cointreau and topped with sparkling wine. The leveled-up classic is featured on Allora’s new brunch menu and is available from 9am – 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also try: Pair your Cosmollini with another fun twist on a classic, Allora’s Chicken & Pancakes.

The Pig and The Pearl

If you have fond childhood memories of sipping slushies at the state fair, you’ll love the nostalgic feel of The Pig and The Pearl’s slushy specialty drinks. Our favorite is the Unicorn, a sangria-frosé mix that’ll cool you off after a long day of shopping. Other flavors include peach-ginger and strawberry-mint.

Also try: Cucumber and basil is a classic summer combo. Try it in drink form by ordering the Honeysuckle Sipper. The beverage combines cucumber-infused honeysuckle vodka with basil simple syrup and the house lemonade. Pair it with the Cobb salad or the veggie wrap.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Lychee, a tropical fruit native to China, shines in Gyu-Kaku’s Lychee Gin Mojito, which riffs on the classic cocktail by infusing it with the fruit’s sweet, floral flavor (think of it as a mix between strawberry, watermelon and rose). The drink is designed to cool you down during your BBQ feast but tastes great on its own, too.

Also try: Japanese beers like Sapporo are known for being sweet, light and easy to drink. Order one with your BBQ spread and enjoy the complementary flavors.


When it comes to summer, simplicity is the name of the game. That’s why HOBNOB’s Bourbon Smash is the perfect summer beverage. Cooling and uncomplicated, the drink features Bulleit bourbon, fresh mint, plenty of lemon juice and simple syrup to appease all types of drinkers.

Also try: Friends don’t let friends drink fishbowls alone. HOBNOB has your entire group covered with gigantic cocktails—served in an actual fishbowl—in a variety of flavors including Mai Tai, Frozen Peach and Tiki Island Sangria. Pair with anything high in carbs.

Coming Soon: Azotea Cantina

You can’t go wrong with a rooftop margarita during the hot summer months! Azotea Cantina will open its doors this summer and will serve Mexican fare to satisfy every Taco Tuesday craving. Follow the restaurant’s Instagram account for menu updates and more.

Four Summer Cocktails You Need to Try