An Actually Useful Holiday Gift Guide

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the warnings: shipping delays, production issues and high demand mean holiday shopping needs to start, well…yesterday.

We’re in it with you, and since we have no time to spare, we developed an actually useful holiday gift guide for the real people in your life (i.e., no gifts for “the tech guy who has it all!” here).

Did we forget anyone? Leave us a comment and we’ll share a personalized gift idea with you!

The kooky uncle whose name you always pull for the gift exchange.

Uncle Steve is an odd guy, but everyone loves him. Get him something equal parts practical and fun, like a Style Trial subscription with Express. For a monthly fee, Steve can outfit himself in whatever clothes he likes (because he’ll be able to pinpoint his eclectic style better than you!), wear them for a while, then swap them out for a few new outfits. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

The brother-in-law who only wants socks. Seriously.

Look, the guy likes what he likes. You should thank him for making your job so easy!

Lucky for you, fun socks are everywhere. We’re partial to this pair from the Atlanta Falcons & Atlanta United Team Store, which you could probably see from space. If you must go understated, check out this breakfast-inspired set of socks from Old Navy.

The sister who hates everything you buy her no matter what.

Oof. We’ve been there. Sometimes the best thing to do is let your family choose their own gifts. Enter: gift cards.

Nearly all Atlantic Station shops and restaurants offer gift cards, and some services do as well!

Make the gift card look extra pretty with special wrapping paper from Target.

The spouse with whom you share an Amazon account. And an address. And…well, everything.

Online shopping is a no-go. You’ll need to drop by Atlantic Station in person to do a little secret shopping if you want to surprise your other half.

Pandora offers a great selection of meaningful jewelry, like this on-trend chain link bracelet. Or give them the gift of fabulous footwear, like these men’s chukka boots from DSW. Anyone that says they have enough pairs of shoes is a liar, and that’s a fact.

The kid that’s too young to even know what’s going on.

If you think your kid’s going to enjoy playing with the wrapping paper more than the actual gift, take that as your sign to treat yourself! Buy something fun for the whole family, like a board game from Target or a cozy holiday candle from Bath & Body Works. Guilt not included!

The niece you haven’t seen since 2018.

One thing’s for sure—her taste has changed since the last time you saw her.

Avoid trendy items and get her something you know she’ll use. H&M has a great selection of classic bags that never go out of style, like this quilted option, as well as classy home décor like this glass jewelry box. Make sure you choose something timeless, elegant and functional for years to come.

The best friend that has very high gift-giving expectations, but you’re on a budget.

You need something that looks and feels expensive without breaking the bank. We have a couple ideas:

  • Forever21 and Express sell high-end skincare and makeup at affordable prices. Grab a body oil or lip gloss that looks luscious for under $20, and she’ll never know the difference!
  • This stone vase from H&M screams “I’m expensive!” except it’s not.
  • fab’rik sells great felt hats that look just like more expensive versions. We’re partial to the Wyoming wide-brim hat.

Yourself. Be real—we know you’re going to buy yourself a little something, too!

We have a couple new shops in the district, including Lindbergh, a high-end men’s fashion brand. With everything from fragrances to leather wallets to athleisure, you’re bound to find something unique to splurge on for yourself.

If you’re a foodie, treat yourself to a post-shopping meal at Azotea Cantina or Toscano! Both restaurants specialize in regional cuisines with flavors that pack a punch. Plus, if you time it right, you’ll be able to take advantage of great deals during happy hour. After all, holiday shopping is supposed to be fun!

An Actually Useful Holiday Gift Guide