What’s it really like to live at Atlantic Station?

Atlantic Station has been a community hub for 15 years and counting. But what’s it really like to live, work and play here? We chatted with one current and two former Atlantic Station residents. Read on for their takes on the best that the Station has to offer!

Meet the interviewees:

Kiara and Corey Johnson (KJ/CJ), former Atlantic Station residents and owners of atl kula, Atlantic Station’s on-site yoga studio.

Chika Takai (CT), current Atlantic Station resident, NBA DJ, former NBA dancer and fitness pro.


How long have you been an Atlantic Station resident?

CT: It’s been 6 years, and I have truly enjoyed it!

KJ/CJ: We lived at Atlantic Station for a total of 7 years!

What do you like most about living at Atlantic Station?

CT: I enjoy the fact that there are so many events in the community throughout the year. Atlantic Station has been doing such a great job at hosting and developing so many different types of events. They don’t give us much time to get bored!

KJ/CJ: How everything we want and need to do regularly is here, from practicing yoga at atl kula to grabbing groceries from Publix!

Favorite neighborhood pastime or activity?

CT: Although there are so many things to do in the community, relaxing on Atlantic Green and feeling the summer breeze is one of my favorites.

KJ/CJ: Wellness Wednesdays and practicing yoga, Pilates, barre, and tai chi with atl kula on Atlantic Green 🙂

Favorite place for takeout?

CT: Srithai. I’m originally from Japan and I think they make me feel a little closer to home when I get a craving for sushi.

KJ/CJ: Poke Bar – it’s delicious!

Favorite place to dine in?

CT: Hobnob. They not only have a great menu that’s filled with some of my favorites, but they also have the added element of great entertainment. Having some delicious food with the DJ spinning or live music in the background is a great combination on a Friday or Saturday night.

KJ/CJ: Azotea Cantina, because the scenery is amazing!

Favorite place to grab a drink?

CT: Azotea Cantina. Sipping on a frozen margarita on their rooftop all while soaking in some sun is the perfect remedy for what ails me after a stressful week!

KJ/CJ: Yard House is perfect for a good happy hour!

Favorite place for retail therapy?

CT: Dillard’s offers one-stop shopping at its finest. The variety and selection that Dillard’s has is phenomenal! From dresses to shoes to make-up to home goods, they can cover just about anything that could pop up on my shopping list.

KJ/CJ: DSW (Kiara) and Dillard’s (Corey).

What do you think makes the Atlantic Station community special or unique?

CT: Convenience, convenience, convenience! I think that having a community with all the essentials for living within walking distance of my front door makes Atlantic Station really special.

KJ/CJ: The amazing concierge team, the most convenient location in the city, endless garage parking, the boutique products and services, and the fact that it’s home to some of the biggest events in Atlanta!

What’s it really like to live at Atlantic Station?