Guide to Engagements in Atlanta: Where to Propose & How to Prepare

The day you propose to the love of your life is a day you will never forget. Finding the perfect spot for an engagement can take a lot of thought and consideration in preparation to make your future spouse’s surprise the best it can be. With a variety of fun excursions, beautiful landmarks, and romantic settings, Atlanta offers you the proposal location of your dreams. Here are a few of the best places to propose in Atlanta.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a stunning outdoor proposal location, we recommend considering the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. For more than 30 years, this location has continued to impress visitors. With thousands of flowers and a multitude of picturesque locations, Atlanta Botanical Gardens has been the spot for a wide range of beautiful proposals over the years. 

Skyview Atlanta

Skyview Atlanta

On the hunt for a thrilling spot to propose? The Skyview in Atlanta could be the spot for you. This isn’t your ordinary rooftop view. Get engaged while looking over the beauty of your favorite city, enjoying the skyline and lights from a 200-foot ferris wheel. We can guarantee it will be a night to remember. 

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain 

Are you and your future spouse nature lovers? If so, Stone Mountain Park is the perfect engagement location for you. Whether you hike or take the skyride, this location is sure to take their breath away. Stone Mountain Park offers a multitude of picturesque spots, including mountains, trails, lakes, and more. 

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

Everyone is looking for that special and unique way to propose to the love of their life. The Georgia Aquarium offers exactly that. Give your future spouse the proposal of a lifetime by getting engaged with options that incorporate dolphins, scuba divers, and more exciting experiences. 

Jackson Street Bridge

If you want the real downtown Atlanta vibe to be expressed throughout your proposal, Jackson Street Bridge is the spot for you. With the perfect Atlanta skyline view, your engagement photos will turn out almost as beautiful as the ring you bought! 

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How to Prepare for Your Wedding at Atlantic Station

Now that you’ve popped the question, it’s officially time to wedding plan! From registering for gifts to styling photoshoots, Atlantic Station offers a wide variety of services and stores that will help prepare you for your big day! 

Atlanta Wedding Registry

Registering for gifts is one of the perks of engagements. However, finding the right spots and great deals can take a lot of time and consideration. Here at Atlantic Station, we offer a multitude of spots to register to make your future house become a home. From furniture to kitchen supplies, we’ve got it all! A few of our favorite spots to register are:

Atlanta Engagement Outfits

While preparing for a wedding, you will be taking your fair share of photos. We can help you find the perfect outfits beforehand. Whether you’re looking for outfits for an engagement shoot, a wedding shower, or the rehearsal dinner, stop by Atlantic Station for all of your needs. Atlantic Station offers only Atlanta’s best retail shops for you and your fiance to find outfits for your upcoming photoshoots, including: 

Atlanta Wedding Party Gifts

Having your favorite people stand next to you on your wedding day makes it even more special. With all of the hard work they have done to help make your big day come together, thank them with a small gift of gratitude. We have a variety of shops to find the perfect wedding party gifts from both the bride and groom. A few of the most popular gift shops are: 

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Wedding Preparation at Atlantic Station

Preparing for engagement and a wedding is hard work! Atlantic Station can make your wedding planning a little bit easier with great gifts, registries, and more. We can’t wait to help make your special day the best it can be! Planning a trip to Atlantic Station? Come prepared by viewing our store directory.


Guide to Engagements in Atlanta: Where to Propose & How to Prepare