5 Reasons to Visit Skate the Station at Atlantic Station

What is Skate the Station at Atlantic Station?

Skate the Station is an annual event for the city of Atlanta and beyond, inviting guests of all ages to celebrate the holiday season by ice-skating at the largest outdoor ice rink in the Southeast. As part of the holiday celebrations at Atlantic Station, Skate the Station is an opportunity to enjoy the season with family and friends while shopping, dining, and enjoying the entertainment options Atlantic Station has to offer.

Why try ice-skating at Atlantic Station this year?

The ice skating rink at Atlantic Station is like no other, offering guests unique features other ice skating rinks in Atlanta do not.

1. No Time Limit

The fun is unlimited at Skate the Station. Unlike most other ice skating rinks, Skate the Station has no time limit for guests. We want our guests to have the benefit of a night at Atlantic Station without having to pay additional fees if you want to skate for more than an hour. At Skate the Station, guests are able to enjoy time spent with family and friends for as long as they choose.

2. Boozy Hot Chocolate

Kids love Skate the Station, but parents, we’ve got goodies for you too! Alongside traditional hot chocolate, we also offer boozy hot chocolate for anyone aged 21 and older to enjoy. There’s nothing like celebrating the holiday season by putting a spin on one of our favorite cozy drinks. Our snack shop is located directly beside the ice rink and offers snacks, bottled water, wine, beer, and our infamous boozy hot chocolate. Cheers!

3. Brand New Skates

If you’re concerned about wearing old, worn-out ice skates, you don’t have to worry about it at Atlantic Station’s ice rink. At this year’s Skate the Station event, we have brand new ice skates available to rent. Skate the Station takes the safety and well-being of our guests seriously, and we’re stoked to offer brand new skates that will help make the ice skating experience more fun and memorable.

4. Instagrammable Moments

Everyone loves a good Instagram moment, and Skate the Station offers plenty of them. Because we want our guests to remember the fun memories they make at Skate the Station, we highly encourage you to snap photos throughout your night with us. A few of our favorite Instagram-worthy backdrops include:

  • The 50’ Christmas tree
  • Views of the Atlanta skyline
  • Ice skating candids

Don’t forget to tag @AtlanticStation in your photos  for your chance to be featured on our social media pages!

5. Largest Outdoor Rink in the Southeast

One benefit of visiting Skate the Station is that we have room for everyone (and more). Our ice skating rink is the largest outdoor rink in the Southeast, measuring in at 10,000 square feet. Because of the size of our rink, we’re able to accommodate a significant number of guests who can enjoy a great time without being rushed or crowded by others.


What should I wear to Skate the Station?

The winter weather makes Skate the Station even more exciting for the holiday season. We recommend bundling up so that you can enjoy your time at our rink without getting too cold. A few of our clothing recommendations include:

  • Long pants
  • High-rise socks
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Winter coat

iceskating at atlantic station

How can I buy tickets for ice skating at Atlantic Station’s Skate the Station?

Here at Atlantic Station, we want to make the process of buying tickets as easy as possible. Therefore, we offer a variety of different methods for purchasing tickets ideal for every family and individual. Please remember tickets at the ticket window are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Ice Skating at Atlantic Station Ticket Price

There are a few different pricing options for Skate the Station. All prices include skate rentals. Prices for Skate the Station are as follows:

Ticket Type    Ticket Price
General Admission (all ages)    $15
Veterans, Seniors, and A-Card holders    $12
Skip the Line (Online Only)    $17 Plus Fees
Season Passes    $59 Plus Fees

Special Offers

Are you looking to save money while enjoying the fun benefits of visiting Skate the Station? Lucky for you, we offer season passes for those who are interested in skating multiple times this year. Season pass cards are $59 plus fees, which means if you skate 4 times, the card will pay for itself. If your kids thoroughly enjoy ice skating, this is a great deal!


iceskating at atlantic station

Visit Skate the Station this year

We are so excited about this year’s Skate the Station event. Our team is passionate about serving the community and providing great opportunities for family and friends to spend time together over the holiday season. Skate the Station is a fun and exciting holiday event in Atlanta for any age, and we hope to see you there this year!

For any questions or concerns you have regarding this year’s Skate the Station, you can email AtlanticStation@icerinkevents.com or call the Atlantic Station concierge service at 404-410-4010.


5 Reasons to Visit Skate the Station at Atlantic Station