Atlantic Station Cares

Happy Earth Day! The Atlantic Station crew has been hard at work all year to make our property more sustainable and to provide environmentally friendly transportation options for our tenants and guests. Read on to learn about our current sustainability initiatives and how you can make similar changes in your own life.

Plus, spend $25 at any combination of Atlantic Station shops, restaurants and services between April 22 – 25 and receive a complimentary reusable tote. Simply bring your receipts to the concierge desk and pick up your bag before heading home. Ditching plastic bags is a simple change that can make a big difference for the planet!


Our team is in the process of converting over 300 pole lights to LED bulbs. This simple fix will result in large quantities of kilowatts saved each year!

Did you know LED lights are up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting options? Most homes and apartments can accommodate LED lighting, so stop by your local home improvement store and make the switch today.

Free Shuttle Services

The Atlantic Station Free Shuttle is available for employees, residents and visitors, offering a quick and easy link between Atlantic Station and the Arts Center MARTA station. Providing the critical first mile and last mile connection helps make public transit a more viable and appealing mode of transportation, which can contribute to a reduction in single occupancy vehicle trips.

A portion of Atlantic Station’s Free Ride Shuttle fleet are hybrid buses with reduced emissions, which promote better air quality and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

There are 338 MARTA rail cars that carry over 1.5 million people to MARTA’s 38 stations each year. MARTA can transport you directly to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Sandy Springs or dozens of locations in between. Try swapping out one car commute per week with a MARTA ride. You might find that you enjoy the extra time to read a book or listen to a podcast instead of sitting behind the wheel!

Transportation Made Fun

For cyclists, Atlantic Station has installed a Relay docking station conveniently located at District Ave and 17th Street, providing visitors and tenants an affordable and healthy option to access and explore the district by bike.

We also recently partnered with three scooter operators to provide another flexible method to access Atlantic Station sans car. There are five designated scooter parking areas throughout the district where you can pick up and drop off authorized scooters. More information on the location and rules of the program is available here.

Employee Transportation Incentives

To further incentivize employees to not drive alone, Atlantic Station generously offers free transit passes to employees through the ASAP program and other incentives for using alternative modes of commute.

Restaurant Swaps

Some Atlantic Station restaurants, like Atlantic Grill, are committed to making small sustainable changes that produce a big impact. Atlantic Grill recently eliminated all single-use plastic straws and replaced them with biodegradable versions. Starbucks has also committed to phasing out plastic straws from its 29,000 locations worldwide, eliminating more than 1 billion plastic straws per year.

At home, consider purchasing a steel or reusable plastic straw. When you dine at restaurants, ask for “no straw” and either use your own or ditch the straw entirely!

At Publix, over 45 million paper and plastic grocery bags are saved each month by shoppers who opt for reusable bags. Next time you’re out shopping, add a reusable bag or two to your cart. They’re cheap and you won’t have to replace them for years to come.

Sustainable Fashion

H&M is a leader in sustainable fashion practices. 57% of all materials the brand uses to make its products are created with recycled or other sustainably sourced fibers.

When making clothing purchases, consider how you can help save the environment. Try thrifting at your local resale store. If that’s not your style, do some research into which brands make an investment into sustainable materials and practices and choose to support them.

While it’s fun to celebrate Earth Month in April, remember that we need to continue our sustainability efforts throughout the year to make the necessary impact. Choose to start one or two new sustainable habits this month and grow from there. The Earth will thank you!

Atlantic Station Cares