Atlantic Station is Private Property.

In order to provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment, Atlantic Station requests your cooperation in complying with these additional “Rules of Conduct and Respect” which are to be followed by all patrons, employees, tenants, residents and guests.

The District is for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Smoking is not permitted except in designated areas. Please see our Concierge desk or call (404) 410-4010 for information on designated smoking areas.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Appropriate behavior does not include fighting, harassment, offending others, or provoking confrontations or disruptive conduct of any nature.

A. Act responsibly. Please refrain from…

Shouting, making loud noises, or using indecent language. Loud and boisterous behavior. Playing loud music, as defined by Atlantic Station Management, district officials, security, or the police department. Defacing, damaging, or destroying any property belonging to the district, its patrons, or its tenants. Assembling in a manner which disturbs the public peace.

B. Allow others to shop safely and comfortably

Do not block access to store entrances, street entrances sidewalks, corridors or parking areas. Customers must keep moving in an orderly fashion. Sitting in or loitering around a parked vehicle is not permitted. Walking and jogging for exercise are welcome. However, do not run, skate, or skateboard. The use of hoverboards on Atlantic Station property is not allowed. Use our benches and chairs for sitting only. Juvenile groups of four (4) or more will be dispersed. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the property.

C. Curfew

Atlantic Station closes when the retail stores close. After 8:00 P.M., youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Individuals between 18 and 21 are not permitted on the property after 11:00 P.M. When the center stores and common areas close, all patrons and guests must be en route to a business or to their vehicle to leave the center. At that time, guests and patrons are welcome to patronize any of the restaurants and businesses that are open. Gathering outdoors after dark is not allowed unless attending an event.  Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 18 has implemented a curfew policy for minors. Moviegoers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 years or older after 8 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Regal’s policy aligns with Atlantic Station’s existing code of conduct, which states minors must have a parent or legal guardian with them after 8 p.m.

D. Pets and Other Animals

No animals, except for leashed dogs and cats or service animals, are permitted on the property. Owners must clean up after their pets.

E. Please dress appropriately and observe all health codes and local laws

No gang-related attire, obscene or offensive clothing. No clothing worn more than 3 inches below the waistline, including in a manner that exposes undergarments. No clothing or apparel that obscures the face unless worn for cultural, religious reasons or medical conditions. Shirt and shoes are required at all times.

F. Private Property

All the common areas of Atlantic Station including the streets, sidewalks, parks, and alleys are private property. Distributing materials, conducting interviews, soliciting, demonstrating, taking photos, or making video or audio tapes on, or of, the property, or store fronts is not permitted on any portion of the property. Exceptions may be granted by Management for Atlantic Station sponsored/approved activities. Individuals are required to present proper identification when requested by Atlantic Station personnel.

G. Vehicles left in unauthorized areas are subject to parking citation and removal from the property

Atlantic Station is a no cruising zone. All vehicles entering the property must proceed directly to parking in the parking garage or metered parking spaces opposed to circling streets and/or property in vehicle. No loud music/noise. Loud motorcycles or cars are not permitted in the retail district of Atlantic Station or in the garage.

H. Observe all Federal, State and Local Laws. Use of alcoholic beverages is restricted to designated areas

If you have any questions regarding these rules of conduct, please call the management office at 404-733-1221.