Atlanta Movie Reviews: It Comes At Night, Megan Leavey, The Mummy

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Tom Cruise can’t save a poorly-directed reboot of the classic movie monster.



The idea of another cinematic universe may be unnerving, but it’s happening. The Dark Universe will be a regrouping of classic movie monsters, like Wolfman.

The first entry is the Tom Cruise-starring The Mummy, a legend that is no stranger to the cinematic treatment.

The supporting cast includes some stellar names, like Russell Crowe and Courtney B. Vance. But, as critics note, the film lacks the appropriate luster for a movie like this. Instead of an exciting summer blockbuster, the action feels overdone at moments and stale at other. Unless you’re a die-hard Cruise fan, it may be best to sit this one out.


The cast lacks a limelight name like Tom Cruise, but It Comes At Night is a fully effective horror flick that shocked fans at SXSW and should do the same this weekend.

Joel Edgerton plays a man who uncovers a certain evil stalking his family in their home. Though that synopsis sounds a bit overdone, trust me, this movie takes a familiar premise and elevates it. Riley Keough is the film’s best surprise.

Acting as a sort-of social commentary on human nature in today’s world, It Comes At Night follows in the footsteps of important and reverent thrillers releasing this year, like Get Out.


Kate Mara stars as the titular character in Megan Leavey, a film based on the real life story of a young marine corporal and her military combat dog.

The film is earning rave reviews for the film’s ability to capture wartime drama without completely being devoted to explosions and violence. Instead, the film takes a more altruistic approach at showcasing the poignancy of humanity.


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See It: It Comes At Night

Skip It: The Mummy

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