Atlanta Movie Reviews: Baywatch, Pirates of the Caribbean

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Georgia-filmed Baywatch tries really, really hard to bring on the laughs.


If you’ve ever ventured down to the Georgia coast, you’ll recognize the sandy beaches used in Baywatch, the new comedy from Seth Gordon, based on the hit TV show.

Like previous movies in a similar vein, Baywatch stops at its brightly colored red swimsuits in trying to be a true modern day recreation of its source material (much like 21 Jump Street really didn’t have much in common with its Johnny Depp predecessor). The slow motion running make the cut. And, that’s about it.

The movie stars Zac Efron, doing everything he can to avoid actually showing us his acting chops (though that may change with the upcoming Ted Bundy biopic), and Dwayne Johnson, the most charming piece of this strange puzzle. (The star surprised an early screening audience at Regal Atlantic Station earlier this week!)

There are a few laughs found here, don’t get me wrong. The whole film seems to be in on the joke, which works for a brief period. Eventually, though, the entire thing just gets sloppy and tired. There’s not much direction to be had and the screenplay is an even bigger joke than the sequences that actually do earn chuckles.

If the whole picture is really just to show off some great bodies, then it definitely hits its mark. Unfortunately, though, is that really worth an entire movie?


Another entry in the grand genre of sequels no one ever asked for, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is an overdone, plot-driven divulge of special effects and not much else.

It’s head-scratching that Disney would even green-light a movie so late in the game, when the franchise, which was once a huge blockbuster, failed to connect on its last outing.

Here, we’ve got Johnny Depp returning as Captain Jack Sparrow in, purportedly, his last adventure. We get Orlando BloomGeoffrey Rush, and Javier Bardem, but not a single one of them is enough to save the picture from sinking.

Just like the original film’s first couple of sequels, it all just feels like a big scam.


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