Atlanta Movie Reviews: The Circle, Sleight, How to be a Latin Lover

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The best movies playing this weekend are not the new releases!

sleight-posterTHE CIRCLE

Emma Watson and Tom Hanks star James Ponsoldt‘s The Circle, an intriguing drama/thriller about a young techie hired to a powerful social media company. What seems like the job of a lifetime quickly turns to one that pushes the boundaries of ethics, privacy, and so much more.

The thriller has yet to screen for most, instead premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, but word on the street is that the engaging mystery is one to watch! This coverage will be updated with a roundup of reviews once the screening is over!


You may have seen the ads for this suspenseful adventure, but that’s probably all you’ll need.

Starring Jacob LatimoreSleight tells the story of a young street magician who turns to breaking the law in order to provide for himself and his little sister after their parents die. What starts as law-breaking soon turns to something more sinister and Bo, our main character, must rely on his magical talents to survive.

The movie serves as a morality tale more-so than a magician tale, which ends up as the film’s downfall. Not enough time is spent on the pageantry to really justify its presence, other than to have something flashy in addition to the story. Plus, with a mostly minority cast, there are chances within the film to explore even greater themes, all left on the cutting room floor, perhaps.

In the end, the entire thing feels somewhat trite and overall dull.


With a starry cast, including Salma HayekRob Lowe, and Kristen BellHow to Be a Latin Lover is a rags to riches tale about an aging gigolo (Eugenio Derbez) and his attempts to reconcile after being kicked out by his 80-year-old millionaire wife.

The comedy here is not consistent, but some of the jokes land so well, it all seems worth it. The supporting cast is key, with Bell especially providing some great moments. Look for Michael Cera to pop up, as well.



It may seem like a quiet weekend at the movies, but there are other films to see besides the new releases, including: The Lost City of Z (which we highly recommend) and Get Out (one of the year’s best, so far). Want to see what else is playing at Regal Atlantic Station? Check out the MOVIES page, or call (404) 347-9894!

See It: The Circle

Skip It: Sleight

Scottie Knollin is a member of the Georgia Film Critics Association. Find more from Scottie at or on Twitter at @ScottieKnollin!