Atlanta Movie Reviews: Born in China, Free Fire, Unforgettable, The Promise

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free-fireBORN IN CHINA

As part of the annual Disneynature release timed to coincide with Earth Day, Born in China is one of the more interesting takes in the documentary series.

Narrated by John KrasinskiBorn in China heads into the wilds of China, sharing the stories of animal families and how they endure the ever-changing environments in which they travel and adventure.

The film follows pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards, and more!

This weekend, for every ticket sold at Regal Cinemas for Born in China, a portion of proceeds go directly to the World Wildlife Fund. For more information on Earth Day and Atlantic Station, click here!


With an eclectic cast, which includes Oscar-winner Brie Larson and Cillian MurphyFree Fire is perhaps one of the season’s biggest thrill rides and surprises.

Basically one long shootout, Free Fire succeeds in its impeccable and glittery showmanship, featuring top notch cinematography and fun dialogue. The 70’s vibe only adds to the crazed fun found in the film from beginning to end.


Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac star in The Promise, a true tale of the Armenian genocide.

The story delves into the horrors of the historical event while also exploring a burgeoning love story. Filmed elegantly, The Promise excels in presenting a much-needed cinematic exploration of the event, but fails to expound on the historical aspect. It’s easy to tell the filmmakers are eager to produce an epic film, in tune with classics like Schindler’s List, but too much time is taken up with the Hollywood romance to fully flesh out the horrors of genocide and its impact on society today.


Katherine Heigl isn’t a horrible actress. Instead, she consistently falls victim to terrible choices in projects. Such is the case, again, with Unforgettable, a film that flounders upon arrival, coming across as cheesy and over-the-top, instead of campy fun.

In typical genre fashion, Unforgettable is a thriller built on undying passions and revenge and crazy women. Heigl gets plenty of moments to stretch her acting chops. The downside is the material she’s given is subpar, not living up to what Heigl deserves. There are a few moments that are fun, providing enough thrills to make it not seem like such a waste, but at the end, it’s a downer


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See It: Free Fire

Skip It: Unforgettable

Scottie Knollin is a member of the Georgia Film Critics Association. Find more from Scottie at or on Twitter at @ScottieKnollin!