Atlanta Movie Reviews: The Fate of the Furious, Gifted, Tommy’s Honour

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A new chapter opens in the Fast & Furious world this weekend.


Going into the eighth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise means it’s easy to say you shouldn’t expect anything too new or inspired. This franchise has built itself on the family-like cast (which, for the first time, doesn’t include the late Paul Walker) and high-level action. In this newest chapter, it doesn’t disappoint.

These movies have, slowly, become less about the story (which always seems a little over-the-top) and more about the chemistry of its cast and the incredible stunts. This time around, we get Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren added to the already-glistening cast, which includes: Vin DieselDwayne JohnsonTyrese GibsonMichelle Rodriguez, and Atlanta’s own Ludacris.

Critics have been mostly kind to this new adventure. While it’s hard to see the franchise going on for much longer, there’s still a little gas left in the machine. The stunts this time around are pretty nonsensical and incredible. The cars seem even faster. And, Theron and Mirren add a level of showmanship not yet seen.

Plus, once again, much of the production was filmed in and around Atlanta, so keep your eyes peeled for familiar sights, including near Krog Street MarketNorthside Tavern, and locations in Gwinnett and Perry.


From director Marc Webb (of (500) Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man fame) spins a drama that’ll make your eyes cry and your heart melt.

Chris Evans stars as a single man raising his young niece, who happens to be a child prodigy. Gifted is a traditional drama wrapped in an inspirational story about the true meaning of family.

Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate co-star.

Critics are torn on the film’s melodrama, with some calling it formulaic while others call it notable for its tender mix of real-life comedy and drama. It rides the line of being almost too cutesy at parts, which may mean it’s best to wait and rent this title after its theater run. It’s the perfect rainy Saturday afternoon movie.


Not your typical springtime sports movie, Tommy’s Honour is a British film showcasing the early origins of golf and the father-son team that helped lead to the modern game we know today. Peter Mullen plays the senior Tom Morris, with Jack Lowden playing the younger Tommy Morris. Both actors give superb performances in this quiet and beautiful film set against the incredible backdrops of Scotland.

What works for the film is its respect to this mostly-unknown, but true, story. The script and the performances give life to the inspiring tale of a father and son and the struggles faced in the eye of personal tragedy and rising fame. Things get a bit awry in some of the most important aspects of the story, with uninspired attempts at heightening the drama never fully paying off, but for a film about golf (admittedly not the most exciting sport), the story flows to success.


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See It: The Fate of the Furious

Skip It: Gifted

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