Atlanta Movie Reviews: Ghost in the Shell, The Boss Baby

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Alec Baldwin can’t quite save The Boss Baby.


Based on the uber-popular Japanese Manga, Ghost in the Shell pits Scarlett Johansson against the world’s toughest criminals. The catch is that she isn’t just an ordinary person on a mission against evil; instead, she’s been enhanced with cyber abilities, becoming a “perfect” soldier.

With twists and turns, Ghost in the Shell is a sure-fire action flick disguised as a futuristic sci-fi thriller. According to critics, Johansson holds her own against the impressively detailed visuals. With those visual tricks, however, the story doesn’t quite live up. Full of cliches and Hollywood studio tropes, the true villain here is an affable star and film held down by its own devices.

If it does well at the box office, expect further adventures in this universe in the near future! Scarlett Johansson action star? We’re on board!


It’s been a quiet year for animated films as of yet, but The Boss Baby is hoping to change that.

Featuring a stellar voice cast, including Alec Baldwin as the titular diapered and suited infant, The Boss Baby ventures to show the impact a new arrival can have on a family, especially from the point of view of older brother Tim.

The jokes are thin and any hint of clever wit is, unfortunately, present in the film’s trailer. This means what we’re left with is a plate of semi-funny jokes and nothing quite new.

Critics agree that the movie fails to innovate any new ideas, serving as mid-season fluff. It’s no wonder the movie was positioned for a quiet spring release over a summertime spot. Kids, though, should find the big, colorful animation somewhat interesting and the jokes mildly funny. If anyone is having fun here, it’s definitely Baldwin and the rest of the cast.



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See It: Ghost in the Shell

Skip It: The Boss Baby

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