Atlanta Movie Reviews: Kong Skull Island

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‘Kong: Skull Island’ makes for a fun time at the movies.


As stylish as ever, the newest entry in the pantheon that is monster movies, Kong: Skull Island may just be the best looking. The film opens with an impressive flair, complete with historical footage and an enriching amount of specially chosen branding, which appears throughout the film. (When even your location tags are stylized, you know you’re in for a visual treat.)

The set up is pretty simple. A group of explorers, a mix of scientists and soldiers (plus a war photographer), head out on a mission to an uncharted island with a dark past. Almost as soon as they arrive, things turn Jurassic Park on them, including an immediate interaction with the legendary Kong, king of the island.

Tom Hiddleston leads the cast, which includes Brie LarsonSamuel L. Jackson, and John Goodman. With the focus on the film clearly being the visual effects, not much is devoted to establishing the characters as anything other than pawns for destruction.

For having a PG-13 rating, the film is surprisingly brutal, much in the same way of Jurassic World; plenty of out-of-nowhere deaths are scattered throughout.

As a complete project, certain aspects fall flat. The script is silly and the dialogue is sometimes cheap. Almost everything uttered by Jackson feels intended to become a famous catchphrase, though none quite stick like his previous action flicks. John C. Reilly, doing his best Will Ferrell impersonation, provides many of the film’s laughs.

Kong: Skull Island may not be the year’s best film, but it may live up to the title of being the year’s most fun.


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