Atlanta Movie Reviews: Logan, The Shack, Before I Fall

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Hugh Jackman returns to his iconic role for the last time.


It’s Hugh Jackman‘s last outing as Wolverine, the most recognizable of the X-Men franchise, in James Mangold‘s gritty R-rated actioner Logan. Taking a different, more violent approach to the comic book film adaptation machine, Mangold succeeds by creating a gripping drama full of thrills.

Set in 2029, Logan follows the titular mutant (Jackman) as he recluses himself in an attempt to stay hidden in a world that’s mostly gone non-mutant.

Soon, a young girl is brought to him to protect. She, like him, has special powers that are too great to tame. What follows is an intense, thrill ride that rings of moments of western-like intrigue and plenty of well-crafted action.

Critics are praising the film’s darker approach to the franchise and the abundance of violence that gives it its R rating. In a world that is lacking in well-thought-out superhero flicks (Batman v. Superman was a mess), Logan makes up for it in spades.


Based on the bestselling book, The Shack is the latest entry in the growing genre of spirituality-based films. Starring Sam Worthington as a father putting the pieces back together after a family tragedy, The Shack is a piercing drama that raises a lot of questions about relationship, grace, and forgiveness.

Comprised of a supporting cast that includes Octavia Spencer and Tim McGrawThe Shack makes its point without suffering many other religious films’ tropes. The drama is allowed to simmer without being overly-preachy.


Also based on a popular book, Before I Fall stars Zoey Deutch as a girl whose life is seemingly perfect. But, one day, she wakes up to find herself reliving the same day over and over again.

Other films have done the repeat-the-day trick before to more effect, including the classic Groundhog Day. The difference here is, even in its potentially cheesiest moments, Before I Fall still hits its mark.

It’s the epitome of young adult drama, but its mind-bending plot is enough to set it apart. It’s more fun that it seems.


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See It: Logan

Skip It: Before I Fall

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