Atlanta Movie Reviews: Get Out, Collide, Rock Dog

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The most critically-acclaimed movie of the year is a horror treat!

get-out-posterGET OUT

From director Jordan PeeleGet Out is a horror film that is both a visual treat and a mental fright.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), head to her parents’ upstate home for a weekend getaway. What should be a pleasant meeting with her parents turns into a disturbing chain of events.

What works well in Get Out are the well-earned scares, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for, pretty much, the entire film. What works even better is the delicious screenplay, rich in satire and surprising humor. Peele’s film works as an almost-allegory to race tensions, without ever becoming preachy, leaving the film to be what it is at its core: a well-crafted horror flick.

The performances are top notch, with Kaluuya’s tear-streamed face instantly becoming a horror film icon. The cinematography is beautiful and crisp. The whole package is very well taken care of, allowing the plot’s subtle honesty to shine through stellar filmmaking ingredients. Peele is a legend when it comes to satire for the sake of honesty and Get Out may become his greatest achievement.

Plus, behind its skill, Get Out is plenty of fun!


A film that completed production quite a while ago, Collide runs the risk of being a completely forgettable action flick which happens to have a stellar cast.

Anthony Hopkins plays a mob boss out to get Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult), who flubbed an important heist. Throw in supporting roles by Ben Kingsley and Felicity Jones and you should have a well-to-do flick.

The trouble lies in the almost-offensively mundane tropes taken to pull off the film’s energetic environment. There’s absolutely nothing new here, even down to the boring poster for the film.


Equally as dismal as Collide, new animated flick Rock Dog has just one thing going for it: an amazing cast.

J.K. SimmonsEddie Izzard, and Lewis Black are just a few names of actors who offers voices to the pic about a mastiff who discovers the power of music. It’s a very Footloose-esque plot, with a grumpy governing dog who forbids tunes and a young, scrappy dog who uses it to, hopefully, save the town and become a music legend.

The animation is boring and the gags are overdone, with absolutely nothing new being tossed around. Rock Dog may whet the appetites of animation lovers until the next Disney or Pixar beast hits theaters, but other than that, there’s not much to see here.


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See It: Get Out

Skip It: Rock Dog

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