Atlanta Movie Reviews: A Cure for Wellness, Fist Fight, The Great Wall

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The most stylish movie to hit the big screens this year is released.

fist-fight-posterA CURE FOR WELLNESS

Director Gore Verbinski, most known for several entries in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, returns to screens with a creepy, stylized thriller set to make you feel uneasy, while keeping the stark mystery dark and determined.

Dane DeHaan stars as a young businessman sent to the Swiss Alps to get his company’s CEO from a wellness center. Quickly, we’re thrust into a mystery behind the center’s treatments and those behind it.

The visual style is remarkable, but that’s about where the film stops. The plot is too simple to warrant the twists and turns, leaving the entire story as a bit of a stunning mess.


Filmed in and around Atlanta, Fist Fight is a high level comedy set in the world of education. Charlie Day stars as a nerd-man teacher who is accused of getting his fellow teacher (played by Ice Cube) fired. Cube’s Mr. Strickland challenges Day’s Mr. Campbell to an after-school fight.

The set up is easy; the follow through, not so much. Directed by Richie Keen, the comedy is flummoxed by too much riffing and not enough structure. The trailer alone carries the film’s best one-liners. The only plus in the entire film is getting glimpses of the Atlanta locations scattered throughout.


Billed as the most expensive Chinese film ever made and directed by Yimou Zhang, the visuals in The Great Wall alone have a lot to which to live up.

Matt Damon stars as an Englishman tasked with helping in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of creatures.

If it all sounds flashy and silly, you’re absolutely right. It’s over-the-top, with only a few sequences really standing out.

With a Hollywood star filling the ranks of the leading man, it’s very easy to see The Great Wall is a marketing tool for worldwide cinema; perhaps a test of what a Chinese movie-making machine could look like. On its own as a film? It’s not that great.


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