Atlanta Movie Reviews: Rings, The Space Between Us, I Am Not Your Negro

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Oscar-nominated films set to dominate the box office this weekend.


The high-profile The Ring franchise returns with a new chapter hoping to scare a new generation of horror film fans. Picking up years after the first film, which followed the exploits of unlucky viewers of a “forbidden” VHS tape and a resulting, deadly haunting, Rings follows a young woman as she discoers her boyfriend has become involved with an underground subculture created around a mysterious VHS tape.

The set-up is intriguing and the original film is a lot of dark, twisted fun, but this new chapter is nothing more than a money grab. The few scares are barely earned and the overflow of stereotypical horror film tropes are almost insulting.


Much like January’s Monster TrucksThe Space Between Us is a film that has floated around, claiming different release dates, until finally falling here. (This is not generally a good sign.)

The film is based on the YA novel of the same name, which should bring a fan base to see it on the big screen. Boasting a great cast, including Asa ButterfieldBritt Robertson, and Gary OldmanThe Space Between Us is a teen romance revolving around a boy, the first human born on Mars, as he navigates love with a girl back on Earth.

Critics are mixed when it comes to the film’s conventional handling of the source material. It’s neither anything groundbreaking, but it’s not a disgrace, either. For an early-year release, it’ll do!


Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Academy Awards, I Am Not Your Negro gives an incredible glimpse behind the scenes of James Baldwin‘s unfinished non-fiction book Remember This House. Meant to offer a glimpse into the lives and assassinations of Baldwin’s close friends Medgar Evans, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr., Baldwin died before completing the book.

The film is an intrinsic look, not only, into Baldwin’s writing patterns, but also into the racial makeup of America, discord and all.


Building off of this week’s Oscar nominations announcement, the hottest awards contenders are playing Regal Atlantic Station, with Best Picture nominees La La LandMoonlightHidden Figures, Fences, and Manchester by the Sea hitting the big screen. Think you know what will eventually win the gold? Make your predictions here for a chance to WIN free movie tickets!

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See It: I Am Not Your Negro

Skip It: Rings


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