Atlanta Movie Reviews: Star Trek Beyond, Ice Age: Collision Course, Lights Out

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Live long and prosper at Regal Atlantic Station this weekend!

star-trek-beyond-02In the third film of the newly-rebooted series, the cast of the Star Trek franchise finds themselves in the midst of another great summertime movie! Star Trek Beyond sends Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew of the Enterprise to marooned planet, where they encounter and battle against an alien warrior race.

Directed by Justin Lin, who most know as the director behind multiple Fast & Furious films, Star Trek Beyond is earning mostly-positive reviews from critics, noting that the cast has such a chemistry that it’d be hard not enjoying them on-screen together. With Pine, the cast include Zoe SaldanaZachary QuintoJohn ChoSimon Pegg, and the late Anton Yelchin.

Structurally, Star Trek Beyond suffers a bit from rushing the plot along to get to the next action sequence, but never forgets its true heart. Unlike other summer franchises, Star Trek seems to have a clear purpose and fully commits to building each film towards an ultimate goal. Looking for a fun and smart time at the movies? This is it.

Also tapping into the never-ending franchise momentum, Ice Age: Collision Course marks the fifth big screen adventure for Sid, Manny, and Diego, a group of ragtag ice age animals that band together, through thick and thin. Featuring the voices of Ray RomanoJohn LeguizamoDenis LearyQueen Latifah, and Jennifer LopezIce Age: Collision Course tries very hard to present the same, manic humor as the first films in the series. But, just like these prehistoric animals, the humor is extinct. Kids may still find joy in the silliness, and the animation isn’t terrible, but it’s all territory we’ve seen. Perhaps wait until it hits Redbox.

Lastly, in case walking around in the darkness wasn’t scary enough, new horror film Lights Out raises the bar times ten. It’s a little easy to read at moments, but the scares are genuine and spooky.

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See It: Star Trek Beyond or Lights Out

Skip It: Ice Age: Collision Course